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    trend machinery
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    tend machinery

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    • 中翻英,是一段關於飯店報告的文案,謝謝

      ... more time to learn cooking with dishes such as machinery and equipment operation ln recent years,combined with diverse boutique and fashion trend will be brought to the internationalization of chinese cuisine,and with...

    • 可以幫我翻譯成英文嗎?20點THX

      ...experience. In view of the 3D is a general trend of display technology and touch and non-touch technology is... to the people and the distance between the plant and machinery. Non-touch interactive interfaces, relies...

    • 英文聽寫:比爾蓋茲為台灣拍的廣告

      ..., technologies, consumer products, machinery, ___auto cars??___, biochemistry, agriculture and orchid culture... has abundance of global brands such as Trend Micro, Asus, Acer, Giant...