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  1. tend to


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    • 釋義
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    • 1. 有……的傾向

      Modern furniture design tends to simplicity. 現代傢俱設計越來越簡單。

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    • tend to,seem 和 supposed to不同

      首先要分別釐清tend to、seem 和 supposed to三者本身's attention, as in We should tend to our business, which is to teach...看來好像等的意思。 supposed to也是片語,在英文的解釋第1...

    • tend to

      tend to 傾向;易於[(+to/towards)][+to-v] Old people tend to get fat. 老年人容易發胖。 He tends towards selfishness. 他有自私自利...

    • 英文which tends to

      ... investment indirectly by increasing the demand for money which tends to increase interest rates. 設G...