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  1. leave ... to the tender mercies

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    • 1. (反語)任...受他人(他事物)的粗暴對待 Never leave a silk shirt to the tender mercies of an automatic washing-machine. 切勿用自動洗衣機洗綢襯衫。
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    • 求IN CHRIST ALONE中文歌詞

      ...耶穌基督裡,我有榮耀 只因藉著祂的恩典,我已被救贖 And only his tender mercy Could reach beyond my weakness to my yield 只有祂溫柔的寬容...

    • 拜託請幫我用英文介紹利菁 約一分鐘就好 獻上20點

      ...with both male and female sexual characteristics, "since childhood, I tender, delicate and special preference of female toughness, among other things, the mother's endless love, mercy and on families to pay, so I sincerely respect." She ...

    • just a game 【GUMI】 歌詞平假名

      ...心(こころ)の中(なか)で Love me tender ラムコーク差(さ)し出(だ)すその手(て)に...ら)く引力(いんりょく) 今更何様 Load have mercy 運命(うんめい)という名(な)の斥力 (せきりょ...