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    • 請問backup的過去式為何?

      Well, you have to separate BACK and UP past tense: backed up past participle: backed up Ex 1: The...

    • 不會用perfect tense~”~

      所謂Perfect tense就是完成式 介紹如下 (1)現在完成式 a.敘述至今為止剛完成的動作 常與 just, already, yet, recently, up to now, these + 時間, since + 時間點, for +時間 等連用 b. 用以表示經驗或次數...

    • 英文填充題!

      1.The past tense of bring up is ____brought___up. "bring up 的過去式是brought up" are sorry. "當你向某人道歉,你說對不起" 5.The past tense of drop off is ___dropped____ off. "drop off 的過去式是dropped...