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  1. security of tenure

    • ph.
      the right of a tenant of property to occupy it after the lease expires (unless a court should order otherwise);guaranteed permanent employment, especially as a teacher or lecturer, after a probationary period
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    • 請問下例的中文英譯? 請協助!

      Initial tenure of one year, extension of which is subject to election. 原任期一年 , 連任須經受...which = 前面的 tenure。 所以句子也可重組為: The extension of the initial tenure of one year is subject to election.

    • 證券市場資訊(烏克蘭and奈及利亞)的英文翻譯

      ...一份雙語的委託書,授權 ....... a tenor of 是否為 a tenure of 之誤? a tenure of greater than one year 持有期...護照影本。 2008-09-02 11:52:24 補充: 4. and a contract of agency for investors wishing to invest in...

    • 在你的國家總統任期是幾年呢/英文?

      How long is the Presidency in your country? How long is the tenure of office of the President in your country? How long it the presidential term in your country?