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  1. terror-stricken

    • adj.
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    • 英文句子翻譯及結構問題

      Absent a major terror strike linked to ISIS, that could continue indefinitely. = Without a major...

    • 美女與野獸ㄒ0ㄒ..., but on one condition, that you bring me your daughter!" The terror-stricken merchant promised that he would do so. When he reached home...

    • 請問英文高手幫忙翻譯= =

      這位驚嚇過度的商人因為存活而不得不屈服. 實際上,這位商人因為得知她女兒被捕而傷心生了大病. 時光飛逝,這位商人最後終於康復了.