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  1. test fixture

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    • 商用英文~出貨延遲

      ...produce overtime today. 另外我們已跟SRI借到receptacle(socket) for making test fixture, 明天將安排測試, Besides, we've borrowed the receptacle(socket...

    • 請問英文達人,這句要如何翻成英文,關於治具的英文

      ...你好, 1. 探針 : probe ICT治具 : ICT( In Circuit Test) fixture 測試點 : test pad 2. comment : Current probes are mostly...

    • 英文句子 翻譯[20點]

      ... to different product of type, designing exclusively can match the test equipment(fixture) or organization of the product to reach the product test, and make use of a design, ...