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    • 經過試驗的,經受過考驗的;經驗定的
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    • Test Stimuli

      Test Stimuli Test Stimuli 考驗耐力 , 刺激呈现 . ...耐力是確確的保證 幸福和成功 , . 咱們有共識嗎? The irritation of the test stimuli in our people refers to . the bad cooking...

    • direct test

      direct test: a test that measures ability directly by requiring test authentic target language use situation as closely as possible. An example of direct test of writing includes a test that asks test takers to...

    • test的用法

      Q:請問test後面如果接動詞該怎麼使用?   該用原形動詞嗎?    還是...走吧!去海灘! 補充:更不可能用原型動詞囉! 因為"test"本身就是個動詞(也可以當名詞) 後面不能在加動詞...