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    • 1. 證明 The Christian martyrs were ready to embrace death in order to testify to their faith. 基督徒殉道者準備一死, 以證實他們的信仰。



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    • 翻譯:testify to love ”是什麼意思

      I will testify to love. 這樣說吧: 我將為愛作見證. 2007-03-15 10:17:17 補充:

    • 麻煩英文高手翻一下這句, 謝謝

      ... that the country has undergone testify to the political turbulence that has attended in...the political turbulence] 簡單說句型即為S Vi [to N]的形式 以上答案供您參考 希望有解答到...

    • diploma/certificate 的不同

      ...大學)發出的學位證明書 Certificate英文字典解釋: =>A document testifying to the truth of something: a certificate of birth. =>A document issued to...