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    textile fabric

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    • 把pattern的英文解釋告訴我 pattern –noun 1. a decorative design, as for wallpaper, china, or textile fabrics, etc. 2. decoration or ornament having such a design. 3. a natural or chance...

    • 摘要,很急,請協助中翻英,謝謝!贈20點!

      ...and the use of scenarios, such as: electromagnetic waves, and conductive textiles, industrial fabrics membrane technology, nano-textiles, fiber textile technology, health care, textiles...

    • 文法和翻譯(英文)

      ... not continuous and most normally be spun into thread__woven into textile fabrics. a) 沒有需要倒裝的句型 b) 沒有時間點 比較猶豫應該會是c選項跟d選項 分別...