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    thank you ever so much

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    • [中翻英]曾經喜歡過,該用have or had 呢

      精簡版:Thank you for having loved/liked me. (表示愛過,現在不愛... am very grateful. 2007年的電視劇『謝謝你曾經愛過我』的官方翻譯是 Thanks for Having Loved Me 大同小異

    • 打出影片字幕+翻譯

      ...thank you so much. Thank you, this is the best birthday present ever, thank you so much. 實在很難為情我的樂團不在這裏,可是我要把這個講讓你們分餉,我的樂隊團員...

    • 英文轉西班牙文

      ...the most handsome guy I ever see. Eres el hombre ...n 要有 ~ 喔! ). I want you know that i love you so much. Quiero que sepas...pasaste mucho tiempo en cuidarme. Thank you so much and i wish we can...