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    • 求幫翻譯這些英文句子

      no that's fine- 不,這沒關係 it's totally fine- 這真的沒關係 i was just letting you know- 我只是想告速你 that i didn't understand much of what you said before- 我並不是很能了解你之前在說甚麼...

    • 請幫我中文翻譯成英文(英文高手請進)2-1

      ...time. 好的,再見。 sure. see you 那真是太好了。 that's great! 認識你真的很開心。 it's so nice to... for coming 我覺得太鹹了。 i think it's too salty. 我覺得味道很淡。 i think it's too...

    • 請幫我回答英文句子!照樣照句!~謝謝!!^^

      ...ldquo;It`s a mistake” He says that (it's a mistake.)括號為要寫的答案! 1.“I` Australia next week. ) 5.“He's not here.” She told me ( he...