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  1. Is that so?

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    • 1. 是這樣嗎? A: I was ill yesterday and didn't go to school. B: Is that so? 甲: 我昨天病了, 沒去上學。 乙: 是這樣嗎?



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      1. The weather was so hot that we all went swimming. 2....can't find him. 6. The exam was so difficult that no one passed. 7.I got...

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      這是Kindom of Heaven的台詞吧? And that is so you remember it. 因為是口語,所以用連結詞開頭沒關係. that是指這一巴掌 so是"...

    • so......thatthat可省略嗎??

      ...最完整的寫法是: Don't be deceived (by the fact that) this guy is so good (that) he makes it look easy. 2008-07-04 11:40:23 補充: 但是話說回來, 如果...