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    • that was the case 應該怎麼翻比較好呢?

      這裡的that was the case應該是指Hwang的罪狀成立。 When asked...的旁證和Hwang的研究員的證辭, indicated that was the case. 都指出Hwang的罪狀成立。 這是我的翻譯,請...

    • such being the case 的意思

      ...發生... in this case 在這種情況下 in that case=such/that being the case 既然如此 in that event 如果那樣的話 in either...eventually bent the knee to his rival. The police officer killed the man with gun as a...

    • 幫我作文吧= = 題目噩夢 20點

      ...when they are under stress. At least that is the case with me. Everytime I miss a...relieve some of those stress so that we may wake up and be glad that our lives aren't so bad after all.