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  1. that said

    • ph.
      even so (introducing a concessive statement)
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    • That said 文法結構與翻譯

      這句話 that said 後面少了逗號。 把逗號加上 get what you pay for.” That said, there are a few ...過了......」: I already said that.... I already told...

    • being said 用法

      That being said, the release of cables is not dependent on the above...about to contradict or modify what has just been said. 「話雖如此」暗示說話者接著要否定或修正剛剛說過的...

    • 英文用字與用法

      1. 請問下面句子裡的that said是什麼意思? "At the moment, the coffee ...取代However, 其它類似的用法還有 -- having said that, that having been said, 等等。 所以原...