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  1. the

    • IPA[ðiː]



    • det
    • 釋義
    • det
    • 1. 足夠的

      he hadn't the courage to refuse 他沒有勇氣拒絕

      we don't have the money for a holiday 我們沒有錢去度假

    • 2. 最好的

      she's the violinist of the century 她是本世紀最出色的小提琴家

      the book of the year 年度最佳書籍

    • 3. 有名的

      do you mean the William Blake? 你說的是那個大名鼎鼎的威廉·布萊克嗎?

  2. 知識+

    • The Envelope Theorem

      The envelope theorem is a basic theorem used to solve maximization problems...'s lemma, Shephard's lemma, and Roy's identity. The statement of the theorem is: Consider an arbitrary maximization problem where...

    • than that of...& the one of .

      (1) The car of Mary is more expensive...這裡的the one of John是對的嗎?the one = the car 我知道這句可以寫成 The...用來避免重複. 與(2)的寫法不同之處在於the one為特定, one為不特定. 2013-01-17...

    • the below..= the following嗎?

      see the below email or see the following email...介系詞用 只有在口語上可當形容詞用, 例如: the below list, the below information, the below ...既然副詞與形容詞用法都普遍, 我再度強調the email below 與the below email都是ok的, 只是...