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  1. the Evil One

    • ph.
      【舊】護鬼; 惡護
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    • ph.


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    • evil的副詞

      ... the evil eye a gaze superstitiously believed to cause material harm. the Evil One archaic the Devil. speak evil of slander. — DERIVATIVES evilly...

    • The Evil confronted the ...??, pinning him to the ground. With slow deliberation, the Evil gouged out one of the Count’s eyes with the tip of a horn邪惡迎戰公爵,將他...

    • He was the first and most..??

      He was the first and most loyal of the evil king’s followers. 他是邪惡國王的第一個和 of dark sorcery, and he quickly rose to become the necromancer’s trusted vizier and principal lieutenant...