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  1. the Fall of Man

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    • 1. 人類的墮落 The poem depicts the Fall of Man. 該詩描述的是人類的墮落。
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    • 英文單字FULL單字等問題?

      ...首都失陷以後人民也沒有停止抵抗。墮落[S]The play was about the fall of an honest man. 這齣戲是關於一個誠實的人墮落的故事。 vi. 不及物動詞落下; 降落Leaves...

    • 何謂universal language?

      ...of a universal Adamic language (and then something happened, analogous to the Fall of Man). In the Christian tradition there are various attitudes...

    • with v.s because of 的問題

      ... to other combinations: ‘By Adam came the fall of man. And because of the fall of man came Jesus Christ...