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    the Garden of Eden

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    • 英文影片翻譯 (2min)

      ...第一個檔案" 0:18 * The biblical story of the garden fo Eden. 0:40 * But Adam and ... revolution? And if so,did the garden of Eden really exist? ps.英腔英文不怎麼好懂...

    • 請教英文高手糾正翻譯~~~(急急急)!!

      ... status than men because of the sin committed by Eve in the Garden of Eden." 這是改過後的段落: According to some minister, the sin perpetrated...

    • 請問(在樂園的日子)中翻英~感謝!!

      ... off from the amusement parks though) days/life in the Garden of Eden伊甸園 Paradise Shangri-La香格里拉 Utopia烏托邦...