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    • 用英文介紹OK便利店

      Welcome to the OK convenient store. We are not just a convenient store but a super chained.... Here you can have joy of shopping any goods. The OK stores makes your life shiny and perfect.

    • 翻譯越南簡訊 (越翻中 誤用翻譯機)

      The Ok Super Onnet khuyen mai dac biet, Ok Super Onnet.... 現在只要新台幣350元網內互撥可以打一萬元 Hay nhanh den cua hang OK mua nhe ! 趕快到OK商店買喔! PS: 這是電話卡廣告啦!

    • 煩請幫我翻譯 不知道是哪國的字

      匿名啊,這是用儲值卡廣告的喔 The OK Super Onnet khuyen mai dac biet,hien tai chi can 350NT co...