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    the Stars and the Stripes

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    • describe Stars and Stripes?

      ... how many stars there are on Stars and Stripes?(3)Stars and Stripes stands for  the States.

    • 誰可以翻譯Each year on june 文章.正榷的

      ... a wondwrful idea. They would make a huge flag sing real people for the stars and stripes. 每年的6月14日,是美國人對國旗致敬的國旗日。 有一年,巴爾的摩、馬里蘭...

    • sea mail....是甚麼?the stars and

      sea mail....是甚麼? 水陸郵件 (相對於 air mail航空郵件) the stars and stripes....是甚麼? 星條旗(美國國旗); 星形與條紋圖案/花樣) 冷不防 abruptly; suddenly; all...