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  1. the back of beyond

    • ph.
      與外界隔絕的地方; 遠離鬧市的地方
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    • 1. 與外界隔絕的地方; 遠離鬧市的地方 They live somewhere at the back of beyond. 他們住的地方遠離鬧市。
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    • ph.


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      ... brother in german.(作為be superior to解) beyond the hills over there(作on the farther side of解) behind 1. fall behind落後 2. get behind...sun sank behind the mountain(作at the back of 解) He is behind the ...

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      ...分別是: public rights of access(美)/rights of way/passage(英)-通行權,通常都指外人,個人或公眾...所以短時間內無法確定哪一個才標準。 reasonable investment-backed expectations-合理的投資期望、回報,簡而言之...