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  1. the big idea

    • ph.
      a clever or important intention or scheme
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    • 協助英文影片聽寫~~

      ... computers and phones automatically. This is the big idea behind DROPBOX. Dropbox lets you bring all your ...

    • 幫忙 英文翻成中文~ to see the details of a situation or idea,as well as the big picture, he says. 他說: 創造力所需要...eventually be a valuable tool in schools. "The biggest bloc learning is that we only see...

    • 請問可以幫我把句子翻譯成中文嗎?

      1.概念板包括一視覺代表" 大的想法" 以及A 副本的簡短段落運送中心的想法和tonality。 2.當他們被發展時,標題過後被增加。 3.LBC感到當時,挑戰將傳達品牌的大膽的圖像 促進健康與一年輕,聚會環境透過mixability一起 概念。 4.Mixability是一...