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  1. the common touch

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    • 1. 平易近人的美德(尤指居高位的) A politician needs the common touch. 政治家需要有平易近人的美德。
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    • 幫忙找一篇英文文章

      ...如果你與人交談,能保持你的美德, Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch, 或者與帝王同行 - 也不失本色, If neither foes nor loving...

    • 請問heavy touch的正確意思

      ...heavy" or "soft" See 2009-09-19 12:46:43 補充: Another common usage is describing "the mode of action of the keys of an instrument, as of a piano or typewriter...

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      ... at right angles (but not touching) the S.aureus culture streaks. 利用... showedin vitro susceptibility to nearly all the common antibiotics; similar to whathas...