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    the dead man

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    • 我要一則未發表過的英文笑話

      ... two lines, A and B, for the dead men in the heaven. 天堂上有為死去的男人設兩條...he did it. 我們來問問他他是如何辦到的 The man standing on A line said ...

    • Dead Man's Chest??

      Dead Man's Chest 是神鬼奇航的第二集副題,這裡的chest翻成中文可不是胸膛,而是指藏寶櫃。 圖片參考:

    • 急~~英文謎語大難題2~~幫幫忙

      Because the dead man told Mary that it was John and John, which is the doctor saw the dead man betrayed him, so he grabed Mary's gun and kill him