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    the decimal system

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    • 為什麼一打是”12”個?

      ...about: 5The cardinal number that is the sum of four and one5 in the decimal system, duodecimal seems to be more versatile.Use of the base 12 number...

    • Ten and 10 equals

      ...system. In computer science, the numerical system are represented in the form of binary, octal, and decimal system. I do not have an exact answer for good mathematical reason for why we use a 10...

    • 英翻中 這段話是什麼意思!!?不要用翻譯機5

      ...恤顯現出來。 我們必須一直坐著等到在杜威十進位分類法(Dewey Decimal System)10分鐘的課結束,戴夫‧法萊札爾頻頻看著我,接著看看那些女孩子們,然後...