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  1. the devil

    • ph.
      【口】(用作強調表示拒絕、驚訝等的語句)到底, 竟然
    • 釋義


    • 1. 【口】(用作強調表示拒絕、驚訝等的語句)到底, 竟然 I'm going to a party. The devil you are! “我要去參加一個聚會。” “你敢!” What/Who/Why/Where the devil is that? 到底是什麼鬼名堂(是哪個傢伙/是為什麼/是在什麼鬼地方)?
  2. 知識+

    • speak of the devil正確的意思?

      ...person just mentioned has appeared, as in Why, speak of the devil—there's Jeannie. (例句)This expression is a shortening...

    • 有關惡魔devil的英文用語 俚語 15點

      between the devil and the deep (blue) sea 進退兩難, 進退維谷 give the devil his due 公平對待, 平心而論 let the devil take the hindmost 落後者吃虧 the devil to pay 出麻煩, 出漏子 play the devil with 把.....搞亂 raise the devil 興妖作怪...

    • Devilish detail 是什麼意思?可以用在好的方面

      the devil in the detail 是一個固定用法的片語,意思如下: * When people say that the devil in the detail, they mean that small ...好運啦!愈細節的地方通常愈容易出錯....The devil is in the detail.... 2008-04-06...