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    the emperor and his subjects

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    • 請問誰可以幫我翻譯這些英文內容

      中國、印度和北非在他們的歐洲相對物之前生產了精采政治思想家。 在西方的未知數直到相對地最近,是不太可能的他們的ides影響了Westernpolitical理論的發展。 它建議人的政治本质基本上是相同的,不管文化差异,并且了不起的頭腦得出关于怎样的相似的結論应付政治...

    • 把屬於凱撒的還給凱撒是什麼意思

      ...the Roman Emperor?” Jesus, say the Gospels... trick and said to ... one out for him, no doubt annoyed... the subject, he asked...

    • 幫我中翻英不~~大大們~~拜託拜託嚕~~

      ...daughter's in every year for three months, falls in love with black emperor Si once more, and returns to his side." Mother of the ~ earth: "~ this is not real! ! " ~ aside: "Henceforth...