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  1. give sb. the evil eye

    • ph.
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    • 請問 the evil eye 的意思??

      the evil eye : 邪惡之眼,惡毒眼光(有些人相信某種人具有光注視著別人看就可以讓那個人倒楣的能力,這種人就具有the evil eye)He claimed to have the power of the evil eye.(他宣稱他有邪惡之眼的能力)

    • evil的副詞

      ... as a supernatural force. 2 something harmful or undesirable. — PHRASES the evil eye a gaze superstitiously believed to cause material harm. the Evil One...

    • The Evil confronted the ...??, pinning him to the ground. With slow deliberation, the Evil gouged out one of the Count’s eyes with the tip of a horn邪惡迎戰公爵,將他從他的坐騎上摔了下來,又將他按捺...