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    the inevitable hour

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    • 修改英文作文,題目:是否同意再交通壅塞路段徵收稅

      With the inevitable development towards a greater extent...and modernization, people drawn to the city for better pay and flow and worsen traffic jam during rush hours due to the fact that every driver ...

    • 英文翻中文 關於資訊類的 要PO的快來 leaders. But it may be inevitable."The market here is so much more important than... willing to work - as many as 90 hours a week. 台灣的政商領袖,對於市場重心轉移至...

    • A visit to the doctor 這篇英翻中

      ...時間拖的太長 It seemed inevitable that-no matter when she scheduled...she was asked to step on the scale. 有一天 當我的阿姨的名字終於...aunt replied, “One hour and forty-five minutes.”一點...