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  1. the ins and outs

    • ph.
      all the details
    • 相關詞
    • ph. heard but disregarded or quickly forgotten

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    • ph. heard but quickly forgotten

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    • ph.
      all the details (of something)

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    • he tries walking out of the ho

      ...因為 he 是第三人稱 所以他要接的動詞 try 要轉變為 tries tom listne to the song in and out of calss 這具有誤哦...!!! 你應該是要問 Tom listen to the song in...

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      ...of money business going on in that house across the street. people going in and out all day long. (1.)那個 in that 不是 <... I got it. You refer to the person who posed the question, not me...

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      ...make a solution/application that can handle the 5V IN and 5V 1A OUT for 4h, according to the spec...battery3.htm 2007-01-10 16:16:41 補充: In the spec You can see the dimension of...