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    • 英文問題關於三者之一以及蓮蓬頭

      ... in an unusuall look,and kept silent.The other ran in and out of the room for five times in three minutes to looking for something...

    • 請問保養品的一段英文翻譯~3Q

      ...或是蜜粉 you want a protective layer to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff ot 想要保護肌膚表面 留住皮膚好的養分 拒絕...潤膚水 your skin is oily or prone to break-out 你的肌膚屬於油性膚質 容易長痘子 you do a lot of...

    • How to check the appearance?

      well but if the guy/girl youre hanging out with is someone youre familiar with...friend), you dont have to be really serious in this case. plus, its kind of odd... hot right? Go take a shower and REFRESH yourself!"...