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  1. the long and the short of it

    • ph.
      總的意思; 總的結果
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    • ph.


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    • 我的英文有一個不會的片語

      "the long and (the) short of it" Used when you are ...扼要的意思吧 兩個應該是分開的The long and the short of it is 跟 that we missed the train...

    • 請問這些英文的差別及意思?20點

      ...long and the short 總而言之 (不正式用法) The long and the short of today's world is to learn more languages...some sleep last night. 他前晚有一點失眠了. sleep on it 拖延有關...之決定 I am going...

    • 想請教 Spit On A Stranger 是什麼意思

      ...he sees the entire history, or even makes it last "I see the long, the short of it and I can make it last" After all, strangers don't care...