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    the lowest rung of Fortune's ladder

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    • the lowest of the low是什麼意思?

      ... always agree with the king's words. Only a advisor, the lowest of the low , refused to always agree with king. 譯: (某範圍內) 最有勢力者...

    • 國小低年級的英文該如何翻譯?

      國小低年級 = the lower grades of elementary school 低學年 = the lower...3年生)之二分法的場合也有的。高學年 = the upper grades (of elementaryschool):學校裡,上級的學年。特別...

    • 請問幾個英文文法跟句子翻釋的問題

      Also, Washington has one of the lowest rates of students graduating... that she was troubled by the many barriers which her students...