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    • Bring on the men怎麼翻譯呢?

      ...裡有bring on the food 的用法 意為 [上菜]、把食物端上桌 * 所以這裡的bring on the men 應該指的是 [ 把男人們都端上桌吧!] (意味著:讓我好好品嚐、享用) * 歌詞...

    • 英文強者請進~(中翻英)

      ...039;s son must go back to Japan and diverge from lover's leading man ) the lyrics of these two sections of antithesis will come! As for " to excuse...

    • james blunt 的wisemen歌詞涵義?

      ... - Wise Men Lyrics 詹姆斯直言-她對我 tell me what the Wise Men...three Wise Men, 那些三個聖人... a semi by the sea. 他們由海有a...