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  1. the meat (or filling) in the sandwich

    • a person who is awkwardly caught between two opposing factions
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    • 糕餅類裡 ”夾心”的英文

      ... up with my parents continually yelling at each other so I was the meat in the sandwich (我在父母親彼此不斷的叫罵聲中長大,我左右為難). 當動詞時,sandwich可以泛稱一切「夾在中間」的狀態...

    • (急)求英文演講稿

      ... of families would participate in queuing up in front of the shopping centers from dawn... hungry at dinner time, you could make sandwiches out of the leftover turkey meat or make turkey pies out of it...

    • 中英文漢堡歷史

      ...just less likely to use, call beefburger in Britain) ,Inside English, Hamburg mean the end such as beef or insert have beef the end sandwich of meat pie that make. 2007-10-24 10:43:21...