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    • 1. 剩餘的全部(複數) One of the doors is open, and the others ones are closed. 這些門有一個是開著的, 其餘的全部都開著。 Some of the boys are Americans, and the others are Chinese. 這些男孩有一部分是美國人, 其餘全部是中國人。
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    • the other.another...”要怎樣分別??

      ... a city in Taiwan. Kaohsiung is another. (2) The other: 用來表示『一定數目的同類物品中, 剩下的最後一個』 例: There ...

    • one/the other/the others....

      one/the other/the others.... one the other the others another others...了一支(Did you buy any pencil? Yes, I bought one)。 the other 這個字指的是「另一個」,其單位為「單數」且有「限定」的動作,如...

    • 英文the other.the others(急需回答)

      the other可以代單數名詞或是複數名詞(表示一大...quot;的東西都分了堆,(所以才有one and the other 的用法,表示物件非A就是B...相對的(不是高就是矮),所以應該還適用the other還涵蓋其他剩下所有的~~