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    the pit of the stomach

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    • [英文]誰能幫我翻譯這些英文

      ...然後像朋友一樣嗎? It want it jab it see it have status of me of pit of the stomach of you in (這句文法有點怪異= = 無法翻出來)

    • 英文好的來------歌詞翻譯

      ... my flowers  I must have you to insert in my pit of the stomach  I must protect a your group unimpeded Gets up also only then...

    • 急!20點) 請問 I took a knock or..

      ...我武裝好自己,面對挑戰….....) 5. I was a little (twist in the pit of my stomach) (我有些緊張) 6. I didn't need to understand the articles...