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    go to the police

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    • ph. 自首

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    • ph. 向警察自首

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    • In Greece, the police為什麼要加the

      In Greece, the police ........ 在這裡 the police 的解釋...Police 是指警務人員 ( 警察 ) ( Police are men and ...who are members of the official organization that is responsible...

    • The police are looking for the

      ...,因為男孩是”被”找的。 這裡的he指的是the mission boy,不是the police(樓上的哈哈誤解了)。 為什麼呢?兩個主詞the policethe missing boy要...

    • 幫忙翻譯成英文 日文 越南文...感恩

      Taiwan Today 1:45 , the police launched the third wave expelled... still pushing forward step by step , and even the police chase people with a stick , then the people shouted...