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    • 1. 降而求其次的 Sparkling white wine is the poor man's champagne. 白葡萄汽酒算是廉價的香檳。
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    • 文法解答(名詞子句) 是直接問句,所以不可能選, 假如改成 what I can do 就可以了. 4 The poor man's wife was very sick. We did not know ------ him...

    • 請問”什麼是性感?”的英文怎麼說?

      ...有錢人   the poor man=這個的窮人   The poor-man is in need now=.這個窮人現在正需要幫助 4.因為你用(文法)1.the+"形容詞"=所有全部<具有"形容詞"...

    • 請各位大大看看有沒有文法錯誤?

      ...person. That's why I admire him for his amazing personality. In the end the poor man and Shi Jie became very good friend. It was a happy ending. 2008-02-21...