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  1. the powers that be

    • ph.
      (常作反語) (組織、國家等之)當權者, 當權派
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    • 1. (常作反語) (組織、國家等之)當權者, 當權派 He was waiting for the powers that be to decide what his next job would be. 他在等待當權派給他分派下一工作。
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    • ph.


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    • that be have handed investors

      Over the past three decades, the powers that be have handed investors, particularly...dq=Over+the+past+three+decades,+the+powers+that+be+have+handed+investors,+particularly...

    • 3P所指為金錢,權利,欲望 means "Power of the money, Power of the authority, and Power of the desire". That is why it uses "3P". 2012-04-20 06:04:51 補充: These...

    • 英文 關於電影的幾句話,3巨 很急 20點 that the person who is mentally ill is not dangerous; the real danger is the desire for power that is hidden beneath one's mind.