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  1. the psychological moment

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    • 1. (做某事的)最適當的時機 We're going to have to ask for more money -- it's just a question of finding the (right) psychological moment. 我們準備要求多加點錢--問題是得找個(最)適當的機會。
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    • 英文翻譯 急~~~ 15點

      A: 該摘要源類的影響“體育環境的人員”包括的具體來源的教練,隊友,運動心理顧問,其他/前精英運動員,競爭者和代理商作為個人事務的重要作用,誰發揮運動員的成功心理發展。 每個來源提供不同的分主題教練員的心理發展。正如人們所預料的,教練發揮了重要的...

    • 幫我修改一下並翻譯~

      ...lawsuit, usually will do this kind of matter will be some psychological not normal person, but they will also be need ...some not good matter in theirs childhood, the family member at the right moment has not told them this...