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    the rest

    • ph.
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 【文】至於其他; 除此之外

    • Ensure that our traditional markets are looked after; for the rest, I am not much concerned. 一定要滿足我們傳統市場的需要, 其他方面倒無所謂。

    • ph. 至於其他

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    • ph. 其餘的,剩下的

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    • ph. 不再提起或不再更動某事物

    • She reluctantly agreed to let the matter rest. 她勉強同意這事到此為止。

    • ph. 【諺】惡人永無寧日

  2. 知識+

    • for all the rest of time是什麼意思

      the rest ( of sth) : the remaining people or things ; the others 其餘...的事勿; 其他ex: Don't blame Alex. He's human, like the rest of us. (不要責怪愛麗克絲。他和我們大家一樣 ,也是人。)The...

    • finance the rest 請求解釋

      ...thousand dollars available for a down payment and I would like* to finance the rest.* 我有一萬可當頭期款,剩下的我想貸款。 A:I have just a few more...

    • Leave Out All The Rest的修辭與句型

      ...memory 當你感覺到空虛寂寞時 將我留在你的回憶裡 →無 leave out all the rest 其餘不重要 →無 leave out all the rest 其餘不重要 →類疊 dont...