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    the self way

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    • 問句子結構the century of the self

      1. "the century of the self" comes from a British TV documentary film. In summary...control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy." Therefore, "the self" here refers to those who in power and the crowd. It still ...

    • 求這篇文章中翻英

      The self-requirement of the teacher makes the teaching...and most teachers will also think he could promote self-learning capability by himself, but they feel the ideas of themm is different from ...

    • 請幫我把下列嘉言翻成英文 <不要用翻譯機>

      1. People to self-love, the world who love to Pu. 2. Self-love is the...for the people. 13. Improve themselves, is the self-help; impact on others, is the rescue. 14. Life...