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    • 小短文翻譯-英文

      我請朋友幫我翻譯的 The shy clouds hide in the July sky. 害羞的雲彩掩藏在7月天空。 I try to fly high by my side. 我試著靠我自己飛地高 And pry into the sky. 並且撬具入天空。 就這樣!!多虧朋友....

    • 日語的翻譯,麻煩懂日語的朋友翻譯一下!

      英文:To be gentle it is the shy person with calm character. In addition it is the very much unusual pet. ...

    • 填入空格中這些英文誰會

      ... girls brush teeth. 2. The whale is white. 3. The shy boy asks why. 4. The thin boy takes a bath. 5. When...