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    • 甚麼是story pitch

      ...: reporters like to be the first to report on a story; always give them a new angle, new information...about people; trade and financial media may use straight product or company news but consumer stories...

    • 徵求英文翻譯高手喔~!翻成中文~感恩

      ... supposed to keep all of these people straight? Your stories are always so convoluted, with too... completely irrelevant information? Half the time the end of the story contradicts...

    • 誰可以翻譯王力宏龍的傳人的"rap"

      ...歌詞有很多錯的地方,我幫你改了now here's a story that'll makes u cry straight from Taiwan這是一個來自台灣,會讓你...沒人可以溝通,也不會說英文nobody gonna give'em the time of day in a city so cold在這寒冷(無情)的...