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    out of the tail of one's eye

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    • 下列要如何英翻英阿???

      ... a frog in my throat and the words didn't come out very clearly. Be a piece of cake 易如反掌,小事一樁 Ex...正在聽 Be the apple of someone`s eye 某人眼中的寶 Be as ...

    • 英文翻譯請幫幫忙多謝多謝

      ... first saw each other in the lyon Zoo ,they fell head over heels...look at the note. but she couldn`t make heads or tails of it. the handwriting was terrible. 這敍...

    • 請告訴我英文的座右銘

      ... tools.(劣工尤器)13、The bait hides the hook.(餌裡藏... is in the eye of the beholder.(情人眼裡出西施)16... be the head of an ass than the tail of a horse .Better be the head...