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  1. the very idea!

    • ph.
      an exclamation of disapproval or disagreement
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    • very&quite

      ...就連…也 《例句》 the very rats (=even the rats) 就連老鼠也… The very idea of it is disgusting. 甚至這種想法也令人作嘔. The very...

    • 幫忙翻譯再一下英文>”<

      On the other hand,however,the very idea of doing this has bookspublishers... who had available copies of the book.他們也提議在發表書的時候,用一種無法複製或...

    • 請問一下,下面這篇文章的英文翻譯,謝謝

      .... His feelings zigzagged between amazement and fear, for the very idea of a library seemed to be too wonderful to be true-like free candy.一位坐在...