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    the Way of the Cross

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    • 請英文高手翻譯下面的句子,謝謝。

      ...關於校園生活的趣事想要分享 3.If someone's property lies in the way of highway, that means the highway would cross that person's land. 一.假使某人的地產坐落於高速公路的路上,那意味著高速...

    • 急<英文報告>高手來-cross fingers (20點)

      ...sign of the plague) was reason enough to cross yourself. The proper way to make the sign of the cross involves four steps -- touch the forehead, heart, left shoulder, then right...

    • Bon Jovi:The Price Of Love 翻譯

      ... a master of the art of romance 當你擅長於羅曼史...know you won't cross that line 妳也了解你將...'s all in the game 所有的這一切只是個遊戲 And the way that it's played...