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  1. the whys and the wherefores

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      原因; 緣故; 理由
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    • 1. 原因; 緣故; 理由 I don't need to hear all the whys and the wherefores, I just want to know what happened. 我無需聽那些大道理, 我只想知道是怎麼了。
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    • cause與why的差別

      WHY 原因,理由[P1] Robbie always asks the whys and wherefores when he is told to do something. 如果要羅比做事,他總愛問個究竟...

    • 短文有無需要更改的地方?

      Everyone knows that Mark got mouthful of rotten teeth, and that's the reason why he always keeps his mouth closed or better yet, keeps his mouth shut!

    • 英文好的幫幫忙-She

      ... May be the reason I survive 她,可能是我生存的原因 The why and wherefore I'm alive 是我活下去的理由和依歸, The one I'll...